What is the use of NFTs when one bets on casino games?

April 27, 2022 by No Comments

NFT casino games have begun to gain popularity in the community. With games and tokens being sold out in minutes yesterday, the NFT community sees value in the gambling/NFT intersection. The complete form of NFT is Non-Fungible Tokens. As NFTs are becoming more popular and cryptocurrencies and the blockchain grow, gambling NFT projects are becoming more innovative. We are not only just talking about an excellent piece of art here, but this project is intended to be a long-term investment.

These gambling NFT can be said to provide real-world benefits at 150 casinos worldwide and “Exclusive Holders Rewards.” The first prize is a Slotie-themed game for crypto casinos, which will pay out a 12% commission to each partner. 80% of that payment goes to Slotie holders. Slote NFT owners will also get a 20% rake back at participating casinos, which means they’ll get 20% of the casino’s take back as a benefit. The key in the economics of this system is a token that can be transferred to NFT owners on the blockchain.

The gambling world has made some significant pivots towards the digital landscape over the past couple of years to respond to the global pandemic. Due to harsh quarantine and social distancing measures employed worldwide, many land-based casinos have been forced to temporarily close their doors and deny their services to the public. Consequently, many avid gamblers and consumers have turned to digital platforms to play all of their favorite casino games. There has been a massive uptick in users and site visitors for online casinos.

How can one use these NFTs?

However, it is yet just online casinos that have been rising in popularity. As far as emerging technologies are concerned, very few topics have sparked substantial discussion worldwide as much as NFTs, blockchain, and cryptocurrency. The whole concept of cryptocurrency has been around for a while now. Still, it’s only recently wherein a large portion of the consumer market has been paying closer attention to the many applications of blockchain technology. One such instance is the manifestation of non-fungible tokens. Gambling NFT can also be used for betting on various casino games, which makes it easier for those who are into making bets and can use it for cryptocurrencies on various platforms.

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