What 918kiss sportsbook is and its deposit and withdrawal methods

April 29, 2021 by 32 Comments

It is a Costa Rica and San Jose based out of the sportsbook. Known for upholding all the safe, legal and secure practices. And add for the ethical procedures a premium is put up. 918kiss is a genuine gaming operator and is loyal to its players. Even a Betpoint program of loyalty was launched to make its services unique and user-friendly for the players. Apart from the perk of the user-friendly platform, the other perks offered by them are horse racing, college basketball, boxing, professional and college football, and professional baseball. And a well-known fact is that in the Republic of Costa Rica, it was federally licensed.

How bitcoins are offered on the site and the methods of payment available

The bitcoins offered by this website are bitcoin, bitcoin gold, bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, ethereum classic, quantum, ripple, ox, dash, status, Rica and Cash. These are some of the bitcoins that are offered in exchange for cash or credit. Using 918kiss bitcoins,edge customers can get the best bonus offers that are provided by them and faster pay-outs. Let us look at some of the methods to buy bitcoins

  • Using debit or credit card-  by getting an edge bitcoin wallet.
  • You have to proceed by bitcoin funding your 918kiss Account. This is done by logging into the Account, selecting the deposit, the bitcoin and entering the amount of deposit, after which a QR code and transaction address are provided. All you have to do is copy and paste the address to the section of the bitcoin wallet. Send bitcoin, and the amount that you transfer will appear in the Account.
  • Using Cash to buy bitcoins- By visiting Localbitcoins.com. By using this, you can buy sell via the person-to-person cash availability option. Via ACH, prepaid cards, Western Union, money cards, money gram, and bank drafts. Another site is known as LibertyX.com. You can buy bitcoins at over 2,500 locations, providing wide and easy availability. Also, by using bitcoin ATM’s you can easily carry out the purchase or sale of bitcoins.
  • The third step again includes funding of the 918kiss Account with bitcoins in the bitcoin wallet.
  • The last step includes requesting pay-out from the 918kiss Account. It includes simple steps like going to the cashier, selecting pay-out and entering the amount, and generating a bitcoin address and copying it in the clipboard. Pasting it in the cashier and submitting it.

These are safe methods, and https://918kissthailand.app/ are genuine dealers.

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